Intern with PETA

Intern with PETA

Love them or hate them, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals always create a stir wherever they go. And though many of us have had issues with their prejudices against fat people, their sexist ads, and other problematic themes, one thing cannot be denied—the organization has been effective. It has successfully—with the help of thousands of activists, of course!—stopped the cruelty against many animals and led the way toward reform for lab animals, animals on factory farms, circus animals, and many other circumstances.

Their tactics may be controversial, but they are also famous for getting the job done. That’s why working with PETA could be the experience of a lifetime for anyone interested in grassroots campaigning, community organizing, marketing, and especially animal rights.

PETA is currently looking for some new animal loving interns to help fight the good fight. The best thing about this internship is that it’s focused on each intern’s own hometown and area. When you sign up, you get to be fully trained to take on the animal rights issues that you care about in your own backyard, making the job even more meaningful. Interns will get lots of great training and experiences, including:

  • Education in various areas of animal rights and issues facing animals today
  • Outreach efforts and the training and experience surrounding important activist activities such as tabling, leafleting, and organizing
  • Participate in some of PETA’s legendary demonstrations and learn how to create a truly eye-catching campaign
  • Not only establishing an animal welfare presence in your own community, but within the world at large

PETA also says that interns have access to plenty of good, free vegan food every weekday! In addition to that, plenty of other fun perks go along with the program, including staff parties, retreats, and other exciting events. As the largest animal rights organization in the country, PETA is also a good place to establish connections, network, and build a career in animal activism. Interns will also have the opportunity to travel extensively with PETA during various campaigns.

To download the application, click here. If you’d like to find out what it’s like to be an intern at PETA, you can also read about the day in the life of a PETA intern here. According to the site, people with only a few weeks up to a few months can all apply. Be sure to include an updated resume copy. Applicants will be notified whether or not they are accepted within approximately two weeks.